• v0.13.1


    Little UX tweaks

    As requested by you amazing players, some changes have been made to the UI and the inputs of the game.

    In game, you can now find a Menu button, so you can easily access it. The controls panel has been re-engineered, to match your expectations and those damn french keyboards.

    There is still a lot of work to be done, like a "Help" popup to explain controls and the goal, but small steps at a time!

  • v0.13

    no accounts

    Gone is the sign in screen

    It is faster than ever before to start playing. Enter your name; you're done.

  • v0.12

    hidden hideouts

    Better map, greater fun

    Found the map a bit boring? Same here. Well the game now features a great many new places to hide.

    Oh and, to make sure you have an advantage over your friends, you can now change the controls.

  • v0.11.1

    New UI - improved

    Added icons to the menu. Smoothed the camera on the map. The view of the new seeker is now blocked when caught. Improved player physics.

  • v0.11


    New UI

    From temporary mess to timeless elegance.

    A brand new UI to do better things, in a nicer way. This version adds a new chat system, also available in the lobby.

  • v0.10


    Repainting the game

    Make it be a rainbow!

    Brings a remade map with cool new objects and colourfull textures, for facilitated hidding and infinite trolling.

  • v0.9


    First public Hidden Fridges version

    With great cactus come great responsibility!

    Features the infinite gamemode, an ingame-chat, one map, and fridges.