Game artwork showing three fridges.

Hide'n Seek game
for Windows



What is it?

  • Hidden fridges peeking outside of a wall

    Hide'n Seek

  • Planet


  • Moving stars in the sky


Why did I create this game? Well, I thought there weren't any good hide'n seek game on PC. And I was sad, since it's really a lot of a fun. So I made my own!

Hidden Fridges is my vision of the coolest hide'n seek game that one can play on a computer. Although it is currently in development (I work on this alone), I believe it's already a lot of fun, so you should definitely try to play it with your friends! You can send me feedback to help make it even better! :)

You can download Hidden Fridges now for your Windows PC


  • v0.13.1


    Little UX tweaks

    As requested by you amazing players, some changes have been made to the UI and the inputs of the game.

    In game, you can now find a Menu button, so you can easily access it. The controls panel has been re-engineered, to match your expectations and those damn french keyboards.

    There is still a lot of work to be done, like a "Help" popup to explain controls and the goal, but small steps at a time!

  • v0.13

    no accounts

    Gone is the sign in screen

    It is faster than ever before to start playing. Enter your name; you're done.